Rough Draft


Rough Draft is an application that aids writers in the creative process by preventing them from editing too early, using strikethroughs rather than deleting unwanted words. It is currently available on the App Store and was a featured app in the Productivity category.

As a design intern at 96 Problems, I worked with both the design team and the development team to redesign and improve upon various aspects of Rough Draft iOS for usability, visibility, and consistent branding. 



One of ways I improved Rough Draft was on its onboarding sequence. The old design had some inconsistent spacing and fonts and had text that was difficult to read. My redesign incorporated the app's signature orange color and rounded corners to maintain brand consistency. I also fixed the spacing and edited some of the copy. Below are a few selected screen comparisons.



One bug I found while helping the development team with QA testing was in the notes feature of Rough Draft. Notes allow users to jot down ideas that they can later drag and drop into their draft. However, once the user pulls a note onto the draft, the note would either be placed into the draft without warning or disappear completely if dragged outside of the draft boundaries.

As this could be a frustrating pain point for our users, I designed the flow for note-placing confirmation.



After reporting bugs to the development team in JIRA, I redesigned some of the screens that were problematic in Sketch. I used PaintCode to make buttons and icons for the development team to implement the designs. Below are a few selected screens that have been redesigned.



I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to work with 96 Problems on Rough Draft. As this was my first experience jumping into an ongoing project, I learned a lot from trying to situate myself in the team's workflow. One of the most valuable things I learned was how to coordinate with the development team. Working closely with the developers made me more conscious of certain limitations, such as time and budget, for my designs to be implemented. Overall, I am thankful to have been a part of Rough Draft's story and a part of a wonderful team at 96 Problems.